Welcome to The Star Wars Reader! If you’re a Star Wars fan and want to explore the world of Star Wars books, but you’re not sure where to start (like me!) this may be the blog you’re looking for. I’ll be reading a Star Wars book a week (mostly canon, but now and then I’ll dip into the EU/Legends) and writing up a review to help you decide if it’s for you or not (no spoilers).

Scroll through the blog, check out the Timeline page (with links to books I’ve read and reviewed), look up a favorite Star Wars author, or look for something in the Category menu below. Or just comment and ask me outright if I’ve read a particular book.

I’m just getting started, but I’ll be adding a book a week, so it’ll add up fast. Click the follow button to stay tuned, or add your email to subscribe.

I’d also love to talk about the books, so don’t be afraid to comment and let me know what you thought about a particular book. Happy reading!

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