Star Wars Books: Weekly Wishlist

Here’s a trio of Star Wars books that I’d love to have on my shelf:

“Before the Awakening” is an anthology of backstories for Finn, Rey and Poe, before the events of The Force Awakens. I could get into that.

Readerlink Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka

This just looks like a fun book to page through. Padme Amidala’s outfits alone would probably fill an entire book, but this one has costumes from across the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars costumes book.  Want it SO BAD.  Even used. They have it on Amazon for cheaper, but Amazon doesn't let you save pins.

This book seems like a must-have for me; it outlines and details all the books (novels, junior novels, comics, graphic novels, etc.) from the Expanded Universe. The sacred texts!

THE DEFINITIVE WORD ON STAR WARS FICTION    The legendary motion picture Star Wars has spawned two big-screen sequels andthree prequels—and decades of bestselling fiction. From the original movietie-in novel through the monumental Fate of the Jedi series, legions ofdevoted readers have helped expand science fiction’s most celebrated film sagainto a page-turning print sensation. Now, for the first time, a comprehensiveoverview of these sweeping Star Wars adventures is presented in onebeautifully

Do you have any of these books? Which one appeals to you? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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