Star Wars Links: Youtini

I’m probably a little late to to the party, but I’ve just discovered

Youtini is a website covering all things books, comics, graphic novels, and children’s books from the Star Wars universe. It has reading guides, release dates, timelines, book reviews, and something called Bookshelf, which is a cool way of keeping track of your Star Wars books. It’s slick and comprehensive, and I love it! There’s also a chat room called Discord, where you can talk about Star Wars and Star Wars books all day.

Sites like these, however, along with Goodreads and Amazon, make me wonder if I’m wasting my time with a blog about Star Wars books. There’s already so much out there, more complete, more polished, and more well-known. Why should I bother?

Well, because I just can’t help myself. I love reading, I love Star Wars, and I need to write about it. Blogs are often about personal journeys, and this is my personal journey into the wonderful world of Star Wars books. I want to record it, I want to share it, and I want to talk about it. If I help other people find Star Wars books, that’s awesome. It’s one of my goals. But really, I’m just having fun with Star Wars books! I could do this the rest of my life, and be happy.

Anyway, check out Youtini for loads of information on Star Wars books, both canon and Legends, especially if you’re new to the world of Star Wars books.

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