Weekly Wishlist: Star Wars Short Stories

Want a Star Wars story you can start and finish in one day? Not up to a full novel? Try short stories! Here are several collections you can check out:

The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark includes short stories that are retellings of certain episodes or arcs of the show from an alternative point of view. There are stories from Yoda’s pov, as well as Ventress, Count Dooku, and Obi-Wan. I’m especially interested in that last one–Obi-Wan deals with his rage and hatred after Maul kills Satine. As an Obitine fan (there, I said it), I’d buy this book for that one story. But all of them sound great. There’s an original story at the very end, as well.

The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark | Disney Books | Disney Publishing Worldwide
The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark, 2020

From A Certain Point of View celebrates 40 years of Star Wars by including 40 short stories by 40 different authors, each retelling a moment in A New Hope by a different, often minor, character. Wedge Antilles, Aunt Beru, Biggs Darklighter, even the monster in the trash compactor get their voices heard in this collection.

Forty years. Forty stories.   In honor of the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, this collection features Star Wars stories by bestselling authors, trendsetting artists, and treasured...
From A Certain Point of View, 2017

Here’s another edition celebrating 40 years of The Empire Strikes Back on the same theme. There are stories about bounty hunters, the Wampa, tauntauns, the dark cave of Dagobah, and more. I’m aboard for this one.

From A Cetain POV: The Empire Strikes Back, 2020

This is an older collection from 1997, and so comes under the label of Legends. Culled from the magazine The Star Wars Adventure Journal, these stories are adventure tales about civilians, bounty hunters and smugglers, and others during the time of the Empire. A bonus is a short novel co-authored by Timothy Zahn and Michael A. Stackpole called Side Trip.

Culled from the pages of the Star Wars Adventure Journal, one of the mostpopular Star Wars magazines in the field today, comes this exciting new short-story collection. Here are stories from such award-winning and New York Timesbestselling authors as Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole and Kathy Tyers aswell as exciting newcomers, including Erin Endom, Laurie Burns, and PatriciaA. Jackson. From the desperate flight of a civilian mail courier carryingvital Rebel intelligence through an Imperial bl
Tales from the Empire, 1997.Ha

All of these sound great, and I’ve especially got my eye on The Clone Wars collection.

Have you read any of these collections? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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