Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Maps and Guides

Ever wonder where the Mid-Rim is? Or the Unknown Regions? Where exactly is Tatooine, anyway? Look no further. There’s plenty of books out there with maps of the galaxy far, far away, as well as info on the planets we’ve become familiar with.

Star Wars Galactic Maps is a book from 2016 that’s intended for young readers, grades 3-7, but works just fine for adult fans as well who appreciate stylish artwork.

The Essential Atlas is from 2009, an older book, but far more detailed with full-color glossy illustrations and chock-full of information about the galaxy, systems, and worlds we’re familiar with. Highly detailed with info on population densities, political affiliations, history of colonization, you name it. Perhaps not as up-to-date considering the release of more films since 2009, but still a beautiful base.

Star Wars Locations is a really neat DK Publishing book that has cross sections of the many locations in Star Wars you didn’t know you needed to see. Things like Rey’s home on Jakku (on the cover), the Theed Hangar on Naboo, the Mustafar duel location, Cloud City locations, and many more.

Do you have any of these books? I’d love them all, honestly. Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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