Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Vehicles and Vessels

Fascinated by Star Wars starships? Want to see the inside of the Millenium Falcon? Not sure what the name of that cool ship is from one of the movies? These three books take an in-depth look at the machines we love from Star Wars:

DK Publishing always has great, user-friendly books chock full of information and full-color photos of whatever you’re into, and this one’s no exception. Divided into countless examples by Air, Land, Water, and Space, it contains over 200 ships from all nine movies, as well as The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Here’s another great DK book that has cross-sections of over 50 vehicles and ships. This one is from 2013, so it doesn’t include the sequels, but it makes up for it by showing the innards of the vehicles from the first six movies, down to the last detail.

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Like the previous cross-section book about locations, this one offers inside looks at the ships and vessels in the world of Star Wars. Want to know where the bathrooms are on a Star Destroyer? You can probably find them here this highly-detailed book.

I’d love to have these books on my shelf, primarily because I’m not a vehicle geek and am not as familiar as I’d like to be with starships, etc. Sometimes as I’m reading a book, a ship will be be described by name, and I have no idea what it looks like. It doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book, but it would help me visualize the story a lot better.

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