The High Republic: Padawan Reath Silas

In anticipation of the new Star Wars High Republic books coming out early next year, I’m posting some info on the new characters and concepts once a week until then, including Jedi, Padawans, and villains.

This week I’m showcasing Jedi Padawan Reath Silas. He’s apprenticed to the Jedi Master Jora Malli, who is a member of the Jedi Council. He’s spent a lot of time on Coruscant, and so the Outer Rim represents something of a learning curve for Reath.

Reath features in the young adult novel Into the Dark by Claudia Gray, which releases on February 2, 2021.

In the book, Reath is sent on a mission to the Outer Rim, though he’d much rather stay on Coruscant and study the archives. The ship they’re travelling on is knocked out of hyperspace in a galaxy-wide disaster, and they find refuge on an abandoned space station. But strange things begin to happen on the station…

I’m looking forward to this book, as well as the adult novel The Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule, which releases on January 5, 2021.

Wish I could have found more images of Reath, but that’s all I could find.

Stay tuned next week for a peek at some new villains The High Republic must contend with.

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