Star Wars Book Excerpt: Ahsoka

The Force felt different now, and Ahsoka wasn’t sure how much the difference was her. By walking away from the Temple, from the Jedi, she had given up her right to the Force–or at least that’s what she told herself sometimes. She knew it was a lie. The Force was always going to be a part of her, whether she was trained or not, the way it was part of everything. She couldn’t remove the parts of her that were sensitive to it any more than she could breathe on the wrong side of an airlock. Her authority was gone; her power remained.

But there was a darkness to her meditations now that she didn’t like. It was as if a shroud had been wrapped around her perceptions, dulling her vision. She knew there was something there, but it was hard to make out, and she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to. The familiar presence of Anakin was gone, like a disrupted conduit that no longer channeled power the way it was meant to. Ahsoka couldn’t feel him anymore, or any of the others. Even the sense of the Jedi as a whole was gone, and she’d been able to feel that since she was too small to articulate what it was that she felt. The feeling had saved her life once, when she was very young and a false Jedi came to Shili to enslave her. She missed it like she would have missed a limb.

Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Book Excerpt: Ahsoka

  1. Hmm this is strange because even though she walked away from the Jedi, I don’t know how that would have impacted her ability to feel the force since she was always force sensitive. Perhaps her bonds with those people ended but that still shouldn’t have cut her off completely. It sounds to me like that is what happened to her which is sad because that is not how I thought the Force would work. If you’re force sensitive, nothing can change that. You either accept it or deny it and perhaps that is what influenced her like she was turning her back on the force and this is how it manifested for her personally. That is kinda sad đŸ˜¦


  2. This story takes place a year after Order 66, so most of the Jedi are gone. She’s still reeling from that, and has been hiding her abilities to stay safe. She’s lost, unsure of what the future may hold, and she’s probably suffering from depression. I should have given some context for the excerpt, I guess, lol.


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