Star Wars: The High Republic–Starlight Beacon (And a Special Edition)

In anticipation of the release of Star Wars: The High Republic novels beginning in January, I’m posting information every Friday here concerning one aspect of the new era. Here’s a little information about Starlight Beacon:

Also known as Starlight Station, this structure was built in 232 BBY, and placed in the darkest region of the Outer Rim to act as a beacon for travelers. At the time of the High Republic, the Outer Rim was much less explored, and considered wild and dangerous.

The space station is manned by Jedi Knights, often including Avar Kriss, Jora Malli, Sskeer, and Keeve Trennis.

According to Wookiepedia, in 3 ABY Commander Grek used the station as inspiration for Operation Starlight, a plan to reassemble the Alliance Fleet after the Battle of Hoth.

Star Wars The High Republic – Starlight Beacon
Starlight Beacon

Only one more month until Light of the Jedi releases on January 5th, 2021! Have you pre-ordered your copy?

And I’ve just learned you can order a special edition of the book from Out of Print with artwork by Jama Jurabaev:

The figures on the left are on the back cover, while the figures on the right are on the front.

The special edition also comes with High Republic socks (!) and a pin, and are signed by the author, Charles Soule. Of course, this special edition is about twice the cost of the regular edition, $50. I love this artwork, but I still think I like the regular edition cover better:


Which do you prefer?

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