Star Wars: The High Republic–More Jedi

I’ve covered one of the main Jedi of the High Republic–Avar Kriss–in one of my previous posts, but there are many more Jedi of this new era to explore. So let’s get right to it!

Stellan Gios describes Stellan Gios as an “optimistic and well-respected Jedi Master.” He came up through the Order with Avar Kriss, and together they make a powerhouse team when they’re together, though they’re often on separate missions. He is powerful in the Force and a natural teacher.

Star Wars: The High Republic |
Keeve Trennis

Keeve is described as a “young firebrand Jedi,” quick-witted and impulsive. She’s only been a Jedi Knight for a few weeks, and is a bit star-struck around Avar and the other Jedi Knights on Starlight Beacon. She’s believed to have a great future, but she must first learn to trust in herself as much as the Force. I can’t remember where, but I feel like I read something about Keeve eventually leaving the Order and becoming one of the Lost Twenty. Don’t quote me on that, though!

Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh

Vernestra is a new Jedi Knight as well, and at sixteen is one of the youngest Knights in a generation. She is Mirialan, and was Padawan to Stellan Gios. Hard-working and devoted, she struggles to fit in with the adults while also setting a good example for the young ones.

Photo credit: Lucasfilm Publishing
Loden Greatstorm

Loden is a Twi’lek Jedi Master, and is considered one of the best teachers. Strong, wise, with a good sense of humor, he’s always trying to better himself and his Padawans.


Sskeer is a Trandoshan Jedi Master; Keeve Trennis was his Padawan. I can’t find much more on Sskeer, so it will be interesting to see what his character is like.

I can’t wait to get to know these Jedi Knights better through The High Republic books coming out next year. Light of the Jedi by Charles Soul will be out in a mere few weeks, on January 5th, 2021.

Oh, and here’s a Jedi Master we’re all familiar with:


I love that Yoda is the link between the era we’re familiar with and the High Republic. We tend to think of him as only knowing and working with the Jedi from the Skywalker saga, but obviously it’s not true–he’s known hundreds of Jedi over his 900 years. I’m curious to see his relationships with this crew of Jedi, and what his role is in the stories. A slightly younger Yoda, although he’s still got his walking stick! His face in the artwork seems to say, “Mess with me, do not, or sorry you will be.”

What do you think of these Jedi? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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