Star Wars: The High Republic–More Padawans

In the High Republic, there are not only Jedi Knights and Masters, of course, but also their apprentices. I’ve posted some information on Reath Silas, but there are several more Padawans we’ll be meeting in the new series:

Inside Star Wars: The High Republic: Meet the Padawans |
Bell Zettifar

Bell Zettifar is the Padawan of Loden Greatstorm. They are stationed at a Jedi Outpost in the Outer Rim planet Elphonra, an ore-world, to “keep the peace and spread the Light.” Besides his training, Bell enjoys wandering the hills of Elphonra with his charhound named Ember (I love that he has a pet! That’s interesting, considering the Jedi traditionally discouraged attachments and possessions, which, I assume, include pets.)

Inside Star Wars: The High Republic: Meet the Padawans |

Burryaga has to be one of the most interesting Padawans, simply because it’s so rare for a Wookie to become a Jedi. His Master, Nib Assek, has learned the Wookie language Shyriiwook to make it easier for him to learn. What’s special about Burryaga is that he is gifted with the ability to easily sense the emotions of others, more so than any other members of the Order.

Lula Talisola from Star Wars: The High Republic
Lula Talisola

Lula Talisola is the “golden child” of the of the Padawans: she wants to be the best and is at the top of her class in lightsaber combat. She’s loyal and compassionate and looks out for a couple of her mischievous friends, Farzala and Qort.

I can’t wait to meet these Padawans and their masters in the new High Republic books! What about you? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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