Star Wars: The High Republic Comic and Fan Art

I’ve been scrolling around looking for some fan art of the High Republic, because I want more than just what is giving us with their official concept art (I’m greedy like that). I haven’t found too much; I guess it’s too soon as the books have just started to be published. I did find a few. But I suspect most of what I posted below are from comic books, not exactly fan art, but at least something different. Any comic book fans know where some of these images come from?

The first few here are from Jake Bartok, a fantastic artist and illustrator who has done many pieces with Star Wars characters, including the wonderful Medieval Star Wars series. Below, from left, is Loden Greatstorm, Vernestra Rwoh, Avar Kriss, Elzar Mann or Stellan Gios (I’m not sure which one, lol), and Keeve Trennis.

Jake Bartok on

Below is Orla Jareni, an Umbaran Jedi who is travelling the path of the Wayfinder (a Jedi who decides to leave the Order for a time and explore the Force on their own). Behind her are some Nihil.

Jake Bartok on

This one shows Padawans Bell Zettifar, Vernestra Rwoh, and Reath Silas in the front, Padawan Burryaga the Wookie behind them, and some Jedi Masters behind in the back: Indeera Stokes, Loden Greatstorm, I’m not sure who the next woman is, and Porter Engle.

I’ve seen this one of Yoda around for a while now, but I can’t find out who the artist is. It’s from Anyone know?

??? on

These last few I’m pretty sure are from comic books, but I can’t find out any information on them. They’re all from Twitter, but I can’t seem to find the artists or the comics they’re from. Anyone know? This one has Yoda, Sskeer, Avar Kriss, and Keeve Trennis with the Starlight Station. I’m not sure who the guy in the middle is, lol.


This one shows Sskeer, Avar Kriss, and Keeve Trennis.


This looks like Keeve Trennis with a Drengir near the Starlight Station.


This one I actually know is from a comic (a variant cover of Marvel #1) with Yoda and Avar Kriss. I absolutely love this image. Thank you Julie G. from Darkside Creative for being the first to alert me to this image (she knows I love all things High Republic, lol).

Stephanie Hans on

I’m hoping to find more High Republic artwork as time goes on. Do you have any favorite High Republic images? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

Top image is Avar Kriss by Jake Bartok.

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