The High Republic: Avar Kriss Images

It’s no secret that I love the High Republic books, and Avar Kriss is one of my favorite characters. I’ve probably shared a few of these before, but I wanted to put all of them together in one post.

The first three are official Star Wars concept art of Avar. The first one shows her in mission garb, and the other two show her in Temple garb. She’s lovely but in an understated way.

ArtStation - Avar Kriss Redesign, Steven Wayne Art
No-nonsense mission garb.
This is my least favorite image of the group.
I love the fancy Temple garb.

This is the image on the cover of Light of the Jedi. I like this action image a lot, and is how I actually visualize Avar in my mind when reading the book.

The always-wonderful Jake Bartok imagines Avar here. Because of the lightsaber, it’s obviously not a part of his medieval series, but the High Republic style looks medieval anyway.

I adore this image of Avar with Yoda. This is a variant cover for the Marvel comic (High Republic #1). These variant cover issues can cost a shocking (to me) amount of money; I think this one was somewhere around $60. Wish I had an unlimited Star Wars budget!

I just saw this image in a fan group on Facebook and it immediately caught my attention. She looks like Jedi Barbie here, but nobody said a Jedi can’t be gorgeous. Another variant cover for the comic.

May be an anime-style image of 1 person and text that says 'STAR STARWARS HIGH REPUBLIC MARVEL YANINGG'

I hope we someday find out the significance of her jewelled headband, if there is any. It may just be a fashion statement, since the Jedi of this time had more personal freedom of style.

What do you think of these images? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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5 thoughts on “The High Republic: Avar Kriss Images

  1. “Nobody said a Jedi can’t be gorgeous” – SO TRUE look at Luke lol and a multitude of other names I could rattle off. I like this post so much I started doing some research on how many redesigns there have been for Avar Kriss so far. I mean it has only been what a year since the first comics were teased online? I have seen a few different official variations of Avar Kriss since then. So I am wiring a post about it and going on a bit of hunt online for some of the artist images I’ve seen 🙂 Thank you for inspiring my post and for putting together such a great selection of images 🙂 Does this mean I am slowly warming up to THR? Maybe… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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