Star Wars Books: My Favorite Cover Art

Even though they’re all images of Jedi holding their lightsabers, these are some of my favorite book covers on my shelf:

I love me some Luke Skywalker in black. (Check out my review here.)

This is a great image of Quinlan Voss and Asajj Ventress. (Check out my review here.)

This Ahsoka looks a bit different than the one we know from Clone Wars and Rebels, but she still looks badass. (Check out my review here.)

This is the only Legends book on my list (I’ve only read a few), but I love this post-ROTS image of Obi-Wan on Tatooine. (Check out my review here.)

The High Republic Jedi look like nobility, full of light and hope. (Check out my review here.)

Honorable mention:

Lost Stars. No Jedi, no lightsabers, just a Star Destroyer on fire heading toward Jakku, which takes place during the climax of the story. I like the split symbols of the Rebellion and the Empire, too, illustrating the characters’ loyalties. (Check out my review here.)

These are also some of my favorite Star Wars books I’ve read so far. Have you read any of these books? Do you have any favorite Star Wars cover art? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Books: My Favorite Cover Art

  1. Nice post – I am actually a book cover art junky lol I love the art and design that goes into them. I used to post about book cover art on my writing blog and I kind of miss it. You may have given me an itch I might need to scratch on that blog and get back to writing about books again 🙂 Thank you for inspiring me – it seems I get a lot of inspiration from your blog posts 😀

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