Star Wars Book Excerpt: The Clone Army Attacketh

I finished this book about a month ago, but haven’t got around to a proper review. Until then, I thought I’d post an excerpt that I thought was interesting:

Act IV, Scene 3. On the Planet Coruscant. Enter Jedi 1 and Jedi 2.

Jedi 1: Good friend, well met.

Jedi 2: –And thee as well, holla!

How hast thou spent this lovely, merry day?

J1: A’wondering o’er what the future brings.

J2: Indeed? What is it that thou wonderest?

J1: Our stories and our strivings and our wars:

Shall they in other times remember’d be?

Is’t possible, that some long time from now

Mayhap in galaxy far, far away,

Our tales shall be imparted to the young?

Will there be anyone who doth recall

Wise Master Yoda’s striking witticisms,

Or noble Master Windu’s boundless might?

What would some future, far-off galaxy

Think of our battles and adventures here?

Shall our Republic yet remember’d be

When all empirically is past and gone?

J2: Oh, heavy thoughts! Pray, let me rest thy mind,

For I have oft wonder’d this myself.

J1: Yea, truly? What conclusions hast thou reached?

J2: But this: why should another galaxy

Well in the future e’er have need of us?

The future of another place shall be

Far different than we could ever think.

Canst thou imagine folk in some far place

All gather’d round to see our stories play’d–

Their young men in our clothing all attir’d,

The women as our princesses array’d,

Their builders fashioning a scene to match,

Their artisans detailing starship parts,

Their scholars indexing each term of ours,

Their engineers attempting to make droids,

Their foolish jesters mashing up our words?

‘Tis near unthinkable, some culture hence

That knows of our beloved, sacred Force.

J1: My friend, thy words are unexpected balm.

Long time ahead, in galaxy far off,

They shall have situations hard enough

That they need not rehearse our troubl’d times.

J2: Thou seest? ‘Tis plain. Unless our stories were

Some maudlin form of entertainment. Ha!

J1: How passing strange such galaxy would be.

J2: And now to supper. Wilt thou come?

J1: —Lead on!

[Exeunt Jedi 1 and Jedi 2]

—The Clone Army Attacketh, by Ian Doescher.

I love how these two unnamed Jedi comment on whether anyone in the future, perhaps in a galaxy far, far away, would ever find their stories entertaining and pass them down through the generations. One even comments on whether such people would make movies about them. They conclude “Tis unthinkable,” unless their stories were some form of “maudlin entertainment,” and “How passing strange such galaxy would be.”

I thought it was clever of the author to comment on how obsessed we are with these stories, and that the characters themselves would be amused by such a thought. They wonder why another galaxy would ever have need of them; surely they’d have their own problems to worry about.

And while we certainly do have our own problems, we need these stories. We need them for so many reasons: entertainment and escapism, yes, absolutely. But also, reflection and insight and catharsis, as we often see ourselves in these characters. I thought this was a great little interlude in the book.

What do you think of this passage? Have you read Ian Doescher’s books? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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