Star Wars: Legends Book Releases

I’ve read more Canon Star Wars books than Legends, but I do enjoy them now and again, especially Labyrinth of Evil, The Cestus Deception, and Kenobi. Here are a few legends releases that have come up recently:

This is a collection of Legends short stories, written by authors I’m mostly familiar with–the only one I don’t know is John Ostrander. These are stories that had been published over the years in Insider Magazine, the official magazine of the Star Wars saga (I’ve recently subscribed to this mag, and got my first issue–very cool stuff inside). I wouldn’t mind reading these stories at all. This book will be released on May 4 (Star Wars Day!) and is available for pre-order at

Star Wars Insider: Fiction Collection Vol. 1

Also announced are these new releases of “essential” Star Wars Legends novels, with fabulous new covers, in celebration of 50 years of Lucasfilm:

Path of Destruction. I haven’t read any of the Old Republic novels yet (I WILL get there someday, lol), but this cover makes me want to read them sooner rather than later.

Cover art by Simon Goinard.

Heir to the Empire. I remember reading this book WAY back when it first came out in the early 90’s, but all I remember about it that it had Thrawn in it, lol. I didn’t realize at the time how popular he would become, or how I would one day admire him as one of the coolest villains in Star Wars. Timothy Zahn is the king of Thrawn lore; he not only wrote the original Legends trilogy, but has recently written two new Canon trilogies about the blue-skinned Grand Admiral. This is a really cool new cover.

Cover art by Tracie Ching.

Shatterpoint. This is a great cover of the Mace Windu-centered Shatterpoint. I haven’t read it, but now that I know it was written by Matthew Stover (who wrote the magnificent Revenge of the Sith) I just might move it up my list. There’s also a new unabridged audio edition of Shatterpoint that will be released, narrated by Sullivan Jones.

Cover art by Jeff Manning.

All three of these Essential Legends novels will be released June 15. They are all available to pre-order on

More Essential Legends books will be released in the fall of 2021.

Have you read any of these books? Plan on getting the new covers? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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