The Heart of the Jedi: A long-lost Legends Novel

Recently, I noticed the Star Wars book world was aflutter with a book called The Heart of the Jedi. Intrigued, and a little excited at the prospect of a new Star Wars book, I looked into it on Amazon. From what I understood at the time (which wasn’t much, admittedly), it seemed to be a self-published fan fiction novel, and was sold on Amazon, then taken down, presumably because of copyright issues, then put back up, then down again…

I’ve since looked into it and turns out it’s a novel written by Kenneth C. Flint and was supposed to be published in 1993 (and would be considered a Legends novel now, naturally) but for various reasons it was cancelled, and was forgotten about for years.

Then in 2015, Flint tweaked his novel to better fit stories written since, and released it online for free. Now it seems “someone” is self-publishing the book and selling it on Amazon. Until it gets taken down. And then up again.

As of this writing, it’s listed on Amazon for $250, with the words “Do not buy this. You will get nothing. This is just a test.” What the kriff?!

It’s the weirdest thing.

I can understand Star Wars book fans being excited about this, considering it’s a “lost” Legends story, when no more Legends books will be coming out. I found the entire manuscript on The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline, with information about the author and its history (and promptly saved it as a PDF on my computer if I want to read it later). The website also has a sort of Star Wars “crawl” intro to the book, and it serves as a good but brief plot summary:

Darth Vader and the Emperor are no more. The Alliance has officially become the New Republic. As Han Solo, Princess Leia, and new Chief-of-State Mon Mothma emerge triumphant against the diminishing Empire, the Imperial Remnant fights on until the long-silent Imperial Senate rises up to call for peace. But not everyone wants peace, and High Admiral Tharkus has made plans to ensure the Empire will reemerge under his rule. At his side stand the mysterious Dioskouroi, beings of rare and deadly powers! For Luke Skywalker, exhausted from years of fighting, the time has come to depart upon a journey of discovery, a journey that will lead him to a secret long ago hidden by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Heart of the jedi, by kenneth c. Flint

Sounds fairly intriguing, and I can understand why Legends enthusiasts would want to get their hands on a bound volume for their shelves, especially serious collectors who would happily pay $250 for a book. But I’m not sure what the “Do not buy this,” business means.

Anyway, I’ll just stick to the online version and perhaps read it at a later date out of curiosity. I’m glad it’s come to my attention, because there’s an interesting story behind the book itself, and may well hold an interesting Star Wars story inside it.

Have you heard of The Heart of the Jedi? Have you read it, and what do you think? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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(Book cover artwork by Paul Shipper).

2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Jedi: A long-lost Legends Novel

  1. I have heard of Heart of the Jedi but I had no idea it was that controversial lol. Reading that synopsis it all sounds interesting apart from the “deadly powers” but I guess that’s an important element to telling the story. I am wondering if it’s the same person that was on Tumblr years ago because I remember someone on Tumblr had written something and it was online and then they posted this weird post about having to “take down all of their star wars related content” because of Disney and they hinted at a book being published. Sounds so intriguing lol I might dig a little deeper and see what I can find 🙂 Nice post, thanks Tina!

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    1. You’re welcome. From what I understand, Flint really got the shaft, not directly by Lucasfilm but by Spectra, the publishing company he worked for. It’s too bad, the whole thing derailed his writing career. By all means, dig away, and let me know what you find!

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