Star Wars: The High Republic–The Rising Storm Alternative Cover Art

The next book in the High Republic series, The Rising Storm, will be published on June 29th, and I can’t wait! There is an alternative cover that will be available, however, from Out of Print, with artwork by Jama Jurabaev:

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm special edition from Out of Print..
Artwork by Jama Jurabaev

This is the entire wrap-around cover:

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm special edition from Out of Print.
Artwork by Jama Jurabaev

It looks fantastic. It shows Jedi Master Stellan Gios preparing to engage the Nihil, with Chancellor Lina Soh on a balcony above. Her two loyal targons, Matari and Voru, flank each side of Stellan. It also looks like some Jedi are riding some kind of flying creatures. The main Nihil opponent, with the red laser hatchet (it probably has a name, but I’m not sure what it is, lol) is the Twi’lek Lourna Dee.

The special edition is signed by author Cavan Scott, and comes with a tote bag with the same illustration. You can get it for $50 from

I’m going with the original cover, which is just as cool, in my opinion, if not as flashy:

Star Wars: The Rising Storm (The High Republic) (Star Wars: The High Republic Book 2) by [Cavan Scott]

I believe that’s Indeera Stokes, Stellan Gios, and Padawan Bell Zettifar.

Regardless of the cover, I’m eager to read this book and can’t wait to find out what happens next in the High Republic.

Are you reading the High Republic books? What do you think? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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