More Star Wars: High Republic Art

I wanted to share some High Republic art I found recently. Enjoy!

This is a fantastic one of Yoda and Keeve Trennis. Keeve has only been in the comics, but I’m hoping she’ll be in a novel one of these days.

Gabriele Dell’Otto on Instagram

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this one before, but I love this one of Orla Jareni by Jake Bartok.

Jake Bartok on Twitter

I’ve yet to meet Stellan Gios in the books (I believe he’ll be in The Rising Storm), but I’m quite looking forward to it, lol.

As usual there’s always one I can’t find the artist for. (And I can’t read the signature). But this is gorgeous!

Since I’m currently re-reading Into the Dark by Claudia Gray, I thought I’d share a couple of characters from that book: this one is Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus.

Here’s Affie Hollow, copilot on the Vessel.

Orla Jareni (above) is also in Into the Dark.

I love it when I find new High Republic art! What do you think if these?

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