Star Wars Used Book Haul

I recently went to a favorite used bookstore the other day, and came home with a few treasures.

This local bookstore, called the Montague Bookmill, never usually has many Star Wars books on its Fantasy/Science Fiction shelf for some reason. But I like to go there and browse books of any genre, and while I’m there I check out the sci-fi section. On this particular day, there were none on the sci-fi shelf, but I found two in the children’s section:

The Phantom Menace by Patricia C. Wrede and Jedi Apprentice: The Death of Hope by Jude Watson.

The Phantom Menace is the young reader’s novelization of the movie, and has pictures from the film in the middle of the book. Jedi Apprentice is #15 in the middle-grade series featuring Qui Gon Jinn and his young apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I didn’t see anything below 15, so if I want to read the series (and do) I’ll have to find #s 1-14 somewhere, lol.

I then went upstairs and checked out the Film Studies section, and found this gem:

The Making of Episode One: The Phantom Menace by Laurent Bouzereau and Jody Duncan.

I didn’t think I’d find anything, but lo and behold, this one was displayed prominently on a shelf. This is the first Star Wars reference book I’ve ever bought (believe it or not) and it seems fitting that it starts with Episode One.

My used book collection will be eclectic and haphazard, as I only buy what is available, obviously. But that’s what’s fun about it–you never know what you might find. This summer I’m going to make a point to explore all the local bookstores in my area and see what turns up. Stay tuned!

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