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    Published in 2020

    Placement in timeline: A year after Order 66

    What It’s About:

    It’s been a year since Order 66 devastated Ahsoka Tano’s life. She and Captain Rex decided to split up and go their separate ways in order to stay safer, and Ahsoka’s been in hiding on various planets in the Outer Rim, selling her services as a mechanic to get by.

    She’s had to learn to hide her Jedi abilities, and knows that the enemy will always be looking for her, and other survivors of Order 66. She’s still dealing with grief over losing her friends and the only life she’s ever known.

    She finds a place to stay on Raada, an agricultural planet, and makes friends with a young woman named Kaeden and her younger sister, Miara. But before long, her hopes of a quiet life are dashed when the Imperials show up, bent on using Raada to grow their plants that feed their troops–a plant used to make their nutritional pastes, and one that destroys the very soil it grows in.

    Ahsoka’s new friends decide they won’t bow complacently to the Imperials, and Ahsoka realizes she must do what she can to help them resist the yoke of the Empire. Before long, her identity as a Jedi is revealed, and she decides she must leave Raada so as not to put her friends in more danger.

    Her flight leads her to an old acquaintance and ally–Bail Organa, who ends up recruiting her to the Rebellion cause. But an Inquisitor (a Jedi-killer) traces her to Raada, and Ahsoka realizes she must return to help her friends and deal with the Inquisitor who threatens them.

    My Thoughts:

    I’ve just acquainted myself with Ahsoka through the Clone Wars animated series, and have come to love her as an essential part of the Star Wars universe. This book takes place after Clone Wars but before Rebels, in which she makes an appearance (which I have not watched yet, but will soon).

    This is another YA novel telling the story of a young woman who must come to terms with who she is, the tragedies she’s suffered, and how to go about defining her future role in the galaxy. Her grief for her old Jedi life, and especially for Anakin, who she believes is dead (and, in a sense, is dead), is keen. But she’s alone now, and has to learn to stand on her own–and to make a stand against the Empire.

    Throughout the book, there are short sections from the point of view of not only Ahsoka in the past, before Order 66, but of Anakin and Obi-Wan as well. There’s even one from the point of view of kyber crystals, growing and waiting to be found. We also get the story of how Ahsoka gets her white lightsabers.

    This book wasn’t particularly brilliant or compelling, but I loved it anyway because I love Ahsoka and wanted to know what happened to her shortly after Order 66. I wish she and Rex could have stayed together–he’s my favorite Clone–but I understand that the story needed Ahsoka to learn how to survive on her own.

    If you love the character of Ahsoka, you’ll at least want to check this one out.

    • Written By
      : E.K. Johnston
    • Narrated By
      : Ashley Eckstein
    • Published By
      : Canon
    Star Wars: Ahsoka