Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: “Science” Fiction

I usually think of Star Wars as space fantasy, while something like Star Trek (another franchise I love) is science fiction. Probably because things like the Force and the Jedi make Star Wars more mystical; there’s also the fact of sentient droids with emotions. Star Trek seems to be more fact-based, a celebration of whatContinue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: “Science” Fiction”

ROTS Quote, and Speculation About the Obi-Wan Kenobi Show

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and this passage from the Revenge of the Sith novel by Matthew Stover came to mind. This dialogue between Yoda and Obi-Wan wasn’t in the film, but it shows that, although Obi-Wan is saddened and grieved by Anakin’s turn, his friend will live on in Luke.Continue reading “ROTS Quote, and Speculation About the Obi-Wan Kenobi Show”

Star Wars Books: On My Shelf

I just bought a few Star Wars books to keep me occupied for the next couple of months, so I thought I’d list them here and maybe get your opinion on what I should read next. I will say that right now I’m reading Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soul, the first of theContinue reading “Star Wars Books: On My Shelf”

Star Wars Book Review: Guardians of the Whills

Author: Greg Rucka 234 Pages Published in 2017 Canon Placement in Timeline: Just before Rogue One What It’s About This is a short little book about Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus, the two Guardians of the Whills from Rogue One. Chirrut is blind but by no means sightless, as he has a kind of ForceContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Guardians of the Whills”

Star Wars Books: If You Like Leia Organa…

With the fourth anniversary of Carrie Fisher’s passing recently, I thought I’d honor her by listing some books about our favorite princess. If Leia Organa is one of your favorite characters, check out these books: Leia, Princess of Alderaan, by Claudia Gray (Canon). If you want a story about a young Princess Leia (16 yearsContinue reading “Star Wars Books: If You Like Leia Organa…”

Star Wars Book Review: Resistance Reborn

Author: Rebecca Roanhorse Published in 2019 400 Pages Canon Placement in Timeline: Between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker What It’s About: Resistance Reborn is a kind of prequel to The Rise of Skywalker–a prequel to a sequel. It’s the story of how the Resistance recovered after the Battle of Crait in TheContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Resistance Reborn”

Star Wars: The High Republic–Recap

The past month or so, I’ve highlighted a few things about the new Star Wars publishing initiative, The High Republic, coming in 2021. This will be the last post before the first book, Light of the Jedi, comes out next week on January 5th. I’ve preordered mine, and will probably get it around the 12thContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic–Recap”

Star Wars: The High Republic–More Padawans

In the High Republic, there are not only Jedi Knights and Masters, of course, but also their apprentices. I’ve posted some information on Reath Silas, but there are several more Padawans we’ll be meeting in the new series: Bell Zettifar is the Padawan of Loden Greatstorm. They are stationed at a Jedi Outpost in theContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic–More Padawans”

Star Wars: The High Republic–The Drengir

I’ve talked about one of the new type of villains that will be introduced in The High Republic books, the Nihil. They are a group of savage marauders that adhere to no creed, set of values, or morals, except anarchy. But there’s another threat to the galaxy, of a kind that “sends chills down theContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic–The Drengir”

Star Wars Book Review: Force Collector

Author: Kevin Shinick 225 Pages Published in 2019 Canon (Young Adult) Placement in Timeline: 32 ABY (Just before The Force Awakens) What It’s About: Karr Nuq Sin is a young man who lives on the planet Merokia with his family of tailors. He goes to school there, but he doesn’t have many friends because he’s,Continue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Force Collector”