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Book Review: Ahsoka

Author: E.K. Johnston 356 pages Published in 2020 Canon Placement in timeline: A year after Order 66 What It’s About: It’s been a year since Order 66 devastated Ahsoka Tano’s life. She and Captain Rex decided to split up and go their separate ways in order to stay safer, and Ahsoka’s been in hiding onContinue reading “Book Review: Ahsoka”

Book Review: Phasma

Author: Delilah S. Dawson 457 pages Published 2017 Canon Placement in Timeline: Just before The Last Jedi What It’s About: Vi Moradi is a Resistance spy on her way back from a mission when she’s captured by the First Order–specifically, red-armored Captain Cardinal, who has his own personal reasons for wanting to interrogate her. CardinalContinue reading “Book Review: Phasma”

Weekly Wishlist

Besides novels, there are plenty of other Star Wars-related books out there I’d love to have on my shelf. The Star Wars Shakespeare editions are something I know I’d enjoy immensely: I’m one those weird people that loved Shakespeare in high school, and went on to read his plays on my own later in life.Continue reading “Weekly Wishlist”

Catalyst: Excerpt

Lyra regarded (Galen) as he spoke–more, it seemed, to the crystal than to her. He hadn’t been sleeping well for months, and he had that mad-scientist look in his weary eyes she’d seen before when he became obsessed with something. At the apartment he had left sketches and enigmatic doodles pinned up all over theContinue reading “Catalyst: Excerpt”


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