Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: “Science” Fiction

I usually think of Star Wars as space fantasy, while something like Star Trek (another franchise I love) is science fiction. Probably because things like the Force and the Jedi make Star Wars more mystical; there’s also the fact of sentient droids with emotions. Star Trek seems to be more fact-based, a celebration of whatContinue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: “Science” Fiction”

Weekly Wishlist: Be More Star Wars

Plenty of Star Wars characters are inspiring, and perhaps cause us to strive to be more like them. But did you know that there are books to help you do just that? Here’s a quartet of books by Christian Blauvelt that will get you closer to the ideals of your hero(ine) than you ever thoughtContinue reading “Weekly Wishlist: Be More Star Wars”

Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Culture, Philosophy, and Money

Here’s a trio of books that look intriguing to me, and delve into some interesting Star Wars territory: This book is a series of essays by Ken Napzok, cohost of the Jedi Alliance podcast and life-long Star Wars fan. Every fan’s journey is unique and as varied as the stars in the galaxy, and IContinue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Culture, Philosophy, and Money”

Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Facts, Knowledge, and Lightsabers

There’s a few fairly new Star Wars reference books I’ve become aware of, and they look pretty wonderful. This is a DK book full of information on the franchise, including sections on the galaxy, science and technology, the Force, the Skywalkers, galactic governments and their dissidents, and galactic denizens. Filled with film and TV stills,Continue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Facts, Knowledge, and Lightsabers”

Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Vehicles and Vessels

Fascinated by Star Wars starships? Want to see the inside of the Millenium Falcon? Not sure what the name of that cool ship is from one of the movies? These three books take an in-depth look at the machines we love from Star Wars: DK Publishing always has great, user-friendly books chock full of informationContinue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Vehicles and Vessels”

Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Maps and Guides

Ever wonder where the Mid-Rim is? Or the Unknown Regions? Where exactly is Tatooine, anyway? Look no further. There’s plenty of books out there with maps of the galaxy far, far away, as well as info on the planets we’ve become familiar with. Star Wars Galactic Maps is a book from 2016 that’s intended forContinue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Maps and Guides”

Weekly Wishlist: Fables and Legends and Jedi, oh my!

The first two books here are intended for a younger audience, but any SW fan will find interest here. In the first, they’re short stories showcasing myths and fables around the galaxy that are told to children about inspiring heroes and great adventurers. Dark Legends takes a darker tone, with short stories dealing with theContinue reading “Weekly Wishlist: Fables and Legends and Jedi, oh my!”

Star Wars Books: Weekly Wishlist

Here’s a trio of Star Wars books that I’d love to have on my shelf: “Before the Awakening” is an anthology of backstories for Finn, Rey and Poe, before the events of The Force Awakens. I could get into that. This just looks like a fun book to page through. Padme Amidala’s outfits alone wouldContinue reading “Star Wars Books: Weekly Wishlist”