Star Wars Book Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story Novelization

Way back when I first started my other blog, Star Wars: My Point of View, I did a few book reviews before I began this more formal book review site. I thought I’d repost some of those here, starting with Solo: A Star Wars Story. I had tied it in with my weekly Women ofContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story Novelization”

Star Wars Books: My Love for the Original Trilogy Novels

I thought I’d recount my experience as a kid with the Original Trilogy novels, as they played such a big part in my Star Wars obsession, my love for books, and my decision to become a writer. The Empire Strikes Back, by Donald F. Glut My first experience with a Star Wars book was whenContinue reading “Star Wars Books: My Love for the Original Trilogy Novels”

Star Wars Books: If You Like Leia Organa…

With the fourth anniversary of Carrie Fisher’s passing recently, I thought I’d honor her by listing some books about our favorite princess. If Leia Organa is one of your favorite characters, check out these books: Leia, Princess of Alderaan, by Claudia Gray (Canon). If you want a story about a young Princess Leia (16 yearsContinue reading “Star Wars Books: If You Like Leia Organa…”

Star Wars Books: A Random Find

It’s hard browsing books these days. The Covid pandemic has shut down libraries, and severely curtailed book store hours and browsing policies. My favorite used book store still isn’t open yet, though I can shop its inventory online. It’s not quite the same, though. There’s something about ambling through the stacks, perusing the book spines,Continue reading “Star Wars Books: A Random Find”