Star Wars Books: If You Like Leia Organa…

With the fourth anniversary of Carrie Fisher’s passing recently, I thought I’d honor her by listing some books about our favorite princess. If Leia Organa is one of your favorite characters, check out these books: Leia, Princess of Alderaan, by Claudia Gray (Canon). If you want a story about a young Princess Leia (16 yearsContinue reading “Star Wars Books: If You Like Leia Organa…”

Bloodline: Excerpt

When Ransolm Casterfo had realized Leia Organa was in danger, he had not hesitated before rushing to her rescue. Yes, she had insulted him, been difficult at every turn, proved touchy and defensive–but she was his partner in the delegation and a member of the Senate. She required help. That was all there was toContinue reading “Bloodline: Excerpt”

Book Review: Bloodline

Author: Claudia Gray 394 pages Published 2016 Canon Placement in Timeline: Several years before The Force Awakens What It’s About: Leia Organa is a Senator in the New Republic at the capitol of Hosnian Prime. Her husband, Han Solo, is running a ship-racing event in another system, and their son Ben is a teenager trainingContinue reading “Book Review: Bloodline”