Star Wars Book Review: Rogue One Novelization

Here’s another blog post I made on Star Wars: My Point of View sometime last year, and which I thought I’d share here. Again, like the Solo novelization post, I tied it in with my Women of Star Wars series, and I wrote specifically about Jyn Erso. Here’s the original post: I just finished readingContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Rogue One Novelization”

Book Review: Rebel Rising

Author: Beth Revis 410 pages Published 2018 Canon Placement in Timeline: The fifteen or so years leading up to Rogue One What It’s About: If you’re a fan of Rogue One, and of Jyn Erso in particular, you might want to get your hands on this one. (I’m assuming you’ve seen Rogue One and knowContinue reading “Book Review: Rebel Rising”