Star Wars Book Excerpt: Kenobi (#2)

Meditation Good morning, Qui Gon. Quiet here, as always. I know there are seasons on this planet, but I’m still not sure which one I’m in. But it is peaceful. You know, we trained ourselves to be able to find solace even in the busiest places. Coruscant teemed with souls, and we meditated right atContinue reading “Star Wars Book Excerpt: Kenobi (#2)”

Kenobi: Excerpt

Meditation: The package is delivered. I hope you can read my thoughts, Master Qui-Gon: I haven’t heard your voice since that day on Polis Massa, when Master Yoda told me I could commune with you through the Force. You’ll remember that we decided that I should take Anakin’s son to his relatives for safekeeping. ThatContinue reading “Kenobi: Excerpt”

Book Review: Kenobi

Author: John Jackson Miller 418 pages Published in 2013 Legends Placement in Timeline: Just after Revenge of the Sith What It’s About: This book takes place on Tatooine, just as Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi delivers baby Luke to Owen and Beru Lars, with the intention of starting his long watch over the boy. Beyond that, thereContinue reading “Book Review: Kenobi”