Star Wars: The High Republic–Lightsabers!

Any Star Wars story including Jedi must have lightsabers. And since the High Republic is a new era of Star Wars, we must have new types of lightsabers. And they are awesome! Here’s an example, which belongs to the Jedi Knight Stellan Gios: The High Republic is a much more stylized era, and the JediContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic–Lightsabers!”

Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Facts, Knowledge, and Lightsabers

There’s a few fairly new Star Wars reference books I’ve become aware of, and they look pretty wonderful. This is a DK book full of information on the franchise, including sections on the galaxy, science and technology, the Force, the Skywalkers, galactic governments and their dissidents, and galactic denizens. Filled with film and TV stills,Continue reading “Star Wars Weekly Wishlist: Facts, Knowledge, and Lightsabers”