Star Wars Books: On My Radar

I thought I’d jot down a few Star Wars book releases for this year that I’m super-excited about and can’t wait for: June 29th, 2021: The Rising Storm, by Cavan Scott. This is the adult follow-up novel to Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi that was released back in January. I loved LOTJ, and can’tContinue reading “Star Wars Books: On My Radar”

Star Wars Book Review: Lost Stars

Author: Claudia Gray 550 Pages Published in 2017 Canon (Young Adult) Placement in Timeline: 11 BBY to about 4 ABY. What It’s About Lost Stars spans the length of the Empire, from about eight years after its inception, all the way through the Battle of Jakku. It tells the story of Ciena Ree and ThaneContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Lost Stars”

Star Wars Book Review: The Rise of Skywalker Novelization

Here is the last but not least post of Star Wars novelizations that I wrote on my other blog, Star Wars: My Point of View. I previously posted reviews of Solo and Rogue One. Here is the original post: So I’ve just finished reading The Rise of Skywalker novelization by Rae Carson, and I haveContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: The Rise of Skywalker Novelization”

Star Wars Book Review: Rogue One Novelization

Here’s another blog post I made on Star Wars: My Point of View sometime last year, and which I thought I’d share here. Again, like the Solo novelization post, I tied it in with my Women of Star Wars series, and I wrote specifically about Jyn Erso. Here’s the original post: I just finished readingContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Rogue One Novelization”

Star Wars Book Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story Novelization

Way back when I first started my other blog, Star Wars: My Point of View, I did a few book reviews before I began this more formal book review site. I thought I’d repost some of those here, starting with Solo: A Star Wars Story. I had tied it in with my weekly Women ofContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story Novelization”

Star Wars Book Review: Into the Dark

Author: Claudia Gray 425 Pages Published in 2021 Canon (Young Adult) Placement in Timeline: Concurrent with Light of the Jedi, in the High Republic (200 years prior to the prequel era). What It’s About Into the Dark takes place at the same time as Light of the Jedi, when an event called The Great DisasterContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Into the Dark”

Star Wars Book Review: Light of the Jedi

Author: Charles Soule 377 Pages Published in 2021 Canon Placement in Timeline: The High Republic, 200 years before The Phantom Menace What It’s About It is a golden age of the Republic. Peace reigns in the galaxy, led by Chancellor Lina Soh and her Great Works, and the Jedi, who help keep the precious peaceContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Light of the Jedi”

New Images for The High Republic has recently released some new images for The High Republic, and I thought I’d share them here. These images are for new characters we’ll meet in forthcoming books, and are not part of Light of the Jedi, the current and first High Republic novel that’s out. I believe the first three of these imagesContinue reading “New Images for The High Republic”

Star Wars Books: On My Shelf

I just bought a few Star Wars books to keep me occupied for the next couple of months, so I thought I’d list them here and maybe get your opinion on what I should read next. I will say that right now I’m reading Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soul, the first of theContinue reading “Star Wars Books: On My Shelf”

Star Wars Book Review: Guardians of the Whills

Author: Greg Rucka 234 Pages Published in 2017 Canon Placement in Timeline: Just before Rogue One What It’s About This is a short little book about Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus, the two Guardians of the Whills from Rogue One. Chirrut is blind but by no means sightless, as he has a kind of ForceContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Guardians of the Whills”