Star Wars Book Review: Into the Dark

Author: Claudia Gray 425 Pages Published in 2021 Canon (Young Adult) Placement in Timeline: Concurrent with Light of the Jedi, in the High Republic (200 years prior to the prequel era). What It’s About Into the Dark takes place at the same time as Light of the Jedi, when an event called The Great DisasterContinue reading “Star Wars Book Review: Into the Dark”

New Images for The High Republic has recently released some new images for The High Republic, and I thought I’d share them here. These images are for new characters we’ll meet in forthcoming books, and are not part of Light of the Jedi, the current and first High Republic novel that’s out. I believe the first three of these imagesContinue reading “New Images for The High Republic”

Star Wars: The High Republic–Recap

The past month or so, I’ve highlighted a few things about the new Star Wars publishing initiative, The High Republic, coming in 2021. This will be the last post before the first book, Light of the Jedi, comes out next week on January 5th. I’ve preordered mine, and will probably get it around the 12thContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic–Recap”

Star Wars: The High Republic–More Padawans

In the High Republic, there are not only Jedi Knights and Masters, of course, but also their apprentices. I’ve posted some information on Reath Silas, but there are several more Padawans we’ll be meeting in the new series: Bell Zettifar is the Padawan of Loden Greatstorm. They are stationed at a Jedi Outpost in theContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic–More Padawans”